Pull Bar Hardtouch® HD


Bloody strong Bullet Tool Heavy Duty Profesional
Pull Bar Hardtouch® is recommended equipment by professionals for laying laminate or hardwood floorboards. Make your job easy.


Bullet Tool Pull Bar Hardtouch® HD

Over the course of many years and many flooring jobs, flooring layers have developed many flooring tools that make the job as painless as possible. One such need came in the form of a special tool for pulling floorboards together in tight spaces. The Bullet Tool pull bar is recommended equipment for laying laminate or hardwood floorboards. Hardtouch® pull bar is a versatile tool that is made to meet the needs of floor laying workers to facilitate floor laying. Use a pull bar to draw the last board into place. Its end is hooked and fits over the edges of the boards. It has a long handle with a curved end that you can tap with a hammer.

In 2021, Pull Bar was upgraded to a more useful tool. During removing carpet smooth edges, installers use Pull Bar as a crowbar to remove them. Often the carpet’s wooden gripper has broken and left nails on the sub-floor. The new upgrade saves you time. You no longer have to go looking for pliers to pull out the nail. The Pull Bar is also available for this function. An additional incision in the front will allow you to remove the nail immediately.
Another improvement is the sharpening of the back. It is installed based on feedback from most professional users. The Hardtouch® development team is constantly researching the market and working closely with consumers.


The L-shaped pull bar of the end hooks the end of a floorboard against a wall, to pull together the joint when there is no clearance for the hammer and block. On the other side of the pull bar is a cylindrical knob for accepting hammer shock. The Bullet Tool pull bar Hardtouch® has enough length to create space to strike with the hammer.

The other end of the bar is curved and tapering to the end. therefore, this enables you to use a tool like a crowbar. The bottom of the tool is covered with a rubber band that will protect the floor surface of your installation from possible scratches. Hardtouch® pull bar length for greater leverage and an ergonomic grip for greater control.

The lower part of the tool is covered with a rubber band, which will protect your floor surface from possible scratches during the installation process of the floor.


  • Made from Heavy Duty Steel and will stand up to the heavy blows.
  • Rubber backing protects floors from scratches during installation.
  • Suitable for laminate and solid wood flooring.
  • Use to gently pull together planks of tongue and groove, laminate, or wood flooring.
  • An Angled profile allows for use in tight areas such as against walls.
  • Long length helps utilize the back of the bar by using it as a pry bar.
  • Heavy-duty welding.
  • The tool is 50 cm long, so you have more space for a hammer blow.
  • Heavy-duty 5 mm plate steel construction means this may just be the last one you buy.

So where to buy Pull Bar Hardtouch® HD?

So where to buy it? Ask Hardtouch® tools at your local flooring and tooling suppliers.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 14 × 7 cm

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