Secret Nail Flooring Staple Gun 3 in 1


Secret Nail Flooring Staple Gun 3 in 1


Secret Nail Flooring Staple Gun 3 in 1 is the air-powered tool which suitable for nailing tongue and groove floorboards. Its ergonomic extended handle makes for a comfortable working position. Easy to use the nail gun to get a great result – hitting the gun pushes the boards together and fires the secret nail gun. The nail or staple is shooting from the floorboard edge so it is unseeable. Adjusts to varying thicknesses of flooring. When secret nailing, boards 85mm and under are fastened to the joist/substrate through the tongue at a 45-degree angle. Ensuring the boards are firmly seated, the groove side of the next board is inserted over the tongue of the nailed board covering the nail, hence secret nailed. Pneumatic secret nail guns are now commonly usable which cramp the board and inserts a nail in a single motion. This Craftor tool is a 3-in-1 combo tool that acts as both a cleat nailer and a stapler. Convenient and easy-to-use, this tool features one magazine for three functions and can hold staples or T cleats or L cleats.

Secret Nail Flooring Staple Gun Feature

  • 3 in 1 Hardwood Flooring Nailer for T&G cleats & staples
  • If the job requires cleats or you’re on a tighter budget Craftor tool is your best option
  • One magazine for both tool functions
  • Pneumatic and single strike design
  • Fast and easy loading
  • The tool is tough enough to work with thick or grooved flooring
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminium body for less fatigue
  • It’s just as versatile as it is affordable
  • Anodized aluminium magazine
  • Footplate: ¾ and 3/8
  • Mallet included
  • Hard carrying case included

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 58 × 47 × 12 cm
Technical specification

Weight …………………… 5.93kg Nail Capacity…………….. 60 pcs Required pressure ……70-115psi Max. Pressure…………… 120 psi L x H x W……….. 52.5x38x10.1 cm

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