GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY is a thoughtful and responsible team of talented and highly qualified professionals who are successfully working together towards common goals. GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY`s owners and leaders take full responsibility for the prudent and efficient use of resources that they are entrusted with and use it in the right way to achieve sustainable outcomes for all our stakeholders. As it was noted above, GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY strongly declines to provide any flooring installation services if the client wishes to use low-quality toxic products arguing our responsibility not only for the quality of flooring installation but also for thorough protection of the health of our employees and occupants of premises.

We believe that there has been already too much damage done for the environment by unethical business practices, unsustainable way of production and consumption. Now is the time to act and become a part of the sustainability movement – it is a must if we want to see our planet thrive. The core values of GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY include transparent, ethic and fair business, sustainable and balanced development, social responsibility, innovation, teamwork, close cooperation with related business and public organisations, continuous improvement and ability to stand up to the challenges.
GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY aspires to achieve sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders. Therefore, as the main organizational management tool in day-by-day business GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY applies the EFQM Business Excellence Model (the most popular management tool in Europe, used by > 30.000 organisations to improve performance), promoted by the European Foundation for Quality Management (

Consequently, GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY PTY LTD organisational management is based on eight Fundamental Concepts that drive sustainable success:
⦁ Adding value for customers by understanding, anticipating and fulfilling needs, expectations and opportunities.
⦁ Creating a sustainable future by making a positive impact on the world by enhancing our performance whilst simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social conditions within the communities touched.
⦁ Developing organisational capability by effectively managing changes within and beyond our boundaries.
⦁ Harnessing creativity and innovation through continual improvement and systematic innovation.
⦁ Leading with vision, inspiration and integrity by the company’s leaders who shape the future and make it happen, acting as role models for its values and ethics.
⦁ Managing with agility by maintaining the company’s ability to identify and respond effectively and efficiently to opportunities and threats.
⦁ Succeeding through the talent of people by valuing our people and creating a culture of empowerment for the achievement of both organisational and personal goals.
⦁ Seeking to achieve sustained outstanding results that meet both the short and long-term needs of all our stakeholders.
Named Fundamental Concepts of Excellence form the basis for the criteria of the GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY PTY LTD applied EFQM Excellence Model, which consists of nine criteria that are subdivided into five Enablers and four Results.
The arrows emphasise the dynamic nature of the Model, showing learning, creativity and innovation helping to improve the Enablers that in turn lead to improved Results.
In order to achieve sustained success (100% in total), GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY rely on the strong leadership (generates 10% of FSS (Feasible Sustained Success)) and clear strategic direction (generates 8% of FSS) to develop and improve our people (generates 9% of FSS), partnerships (generates 9% of FSS) and processes (generates 14% of FSS). This enables GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY to deliver value-adding products and services to our customers in order to achieve the high satisfaction of people (generates 9% of FSS), customers (generates 20% of FSS), society (generates 6% of FSS) and leads to planned business results (generates 15% of FSS).

GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY cares about its customers. Our number one priority is to meet customer needs at the lowest cost possible without making any compromises on the reliability and excellent quality of our products. To this end, we build consumer trust through the employment of highly specialized professionals, high-quality materials and a clear perception of consumer needs and expectations.
For all products purchased GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY PTY LTD applies the set of pre-defined criteria, such as followings: fitting to purpose, quality & environmental requirements, social & ethical dimensions, durability, packaging, recycling facilities, other product`s life cycle dimensions etc.

GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY focuses on highly professional, innovative and eco-friendly materials & tools for flooring and construction industry. Therefore, GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY`s requirements for products purchased are significantly higher than by existing supply in Australia`s market.
We see construction as a complex system and believe that each part of this system must be as environmentally friendly as possible. What is more, we are committed to educating our customers about the importance of choosing safe and environmentally friendly products for their construction projects.
We constantly strive to be at the forefront of the competition, offering the highest quality products and long-term focused solutions.

We care about our environmental footprint; therefore, we do our best to become an environmentally friendly alternative, when it comes to choosing adhesive as well as bonding, filling and sealing products. We strive to become the leading supplier of environmentally friendly adhesives and sealants in Australia.
We take full responsibility for our products, making sure they are effective and safe to use. ALSEAL environmentally friendly polymer-based adhesives and sealants are Isocyanate free and do not cause any harm to the environment or to your health. We make it our top priority continuously create products that are safe to use in home renovation as well as public renovation projects, such as construction works in schools and preschools. After being installed, ALSEAL polymer-based adhesives and sealants do not emit toxic substances into the air; therefore, do not affect in any way our customers and their family’s health.
All information related to products distributed by GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY published on our websites and it is freely available for the public. We thoroughly and responsible checking, and periodically reviewing all the information provided for the public in order to eliminate any possibility of misleading and ensure the correctness and reliability of the information provided by GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY.

At GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY, we take sustainability and environmental issues very seriously. We believe in an alternative way of thinking; therefore, we distribute solely environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic adhesives and sealants, and providing the flooring installation services by using eco-friendly materials only.

Our business based on ethical production & consumption principles and standards; therefore, we make it our goal to follow the sustainable production guidelines in our daily activities GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY systematically collects and analyses the business information for the purpose of consistently developing performance, consolidating in the Australian market, and achieving sustainable long-term outcomes.