PU Expanding Foam Gun


PU Expanding Foam Applicator for professional users.


PU Expanding Foam Gun Hardtouch® professional grade

The polyurethane expanding foam applicator ideal for sealing, filling, and sealing small gaps. It is a heavy-duty yet lightweight and compact tool with an ergonomic design that allows it to be used for a long time. Easy to use and has a spring-loaded trigger for precise flow control.

How to use the PU expanding foam gun

1. Shake the foam can vigorously up to 20 times.
2. Carefully screw the can onto the gun adapter (not too tight).
3. Slightly loosen the flow adjustment screw and immediately squeeze out the foam to fill the entire gun with foam.
4. The foam gun is ready to use.
5. The foam outlet can be adjusted with the flow adjustment screw.

After using the foam gun

1. Leave the gun filled with foam after use. Always keep a can of foam on the gun.
2. Fully tighten the flow adjusting screw. Do not empty the gun. The gun must always be filled with foam, otherwise, the foam will harden due to moisture in the air.
3. Remove the can in an upright position (gun pointing up).

Use the foam gun again

1. Shake the can vigorously (keep hold of the gun).
2. Carefully remove the hardened foam from the tip of the nozzle with a small, sharp knife.
3. Loosen the flow adjustment screw slightly and immediately dispense foam until the foam flow is correct.
4. The gun is ready for use.
5. The release of foam can be controlled by the trigger of the gun.

Replacing the can of a foam gun

1. Check to see if the can is empty by pouring the foam into a dust container until no more foam comes out.
2. Get a new can of expanding foam. Shake vigorously up to 20 times.
3. Unscrew the empty can (keep the valve away from you), remove the foam from the adapter, and immediately replace the empty can with a new one.
4. Immediately squeeze out the foam to fill the extension tube.

Cleaning the foam gun when idle

1. Unscrew the polyurethane foam can (keep the valve away from you).
2. Take a can cleaner and screw the can to the gun.
3. Pull the trigger again to refill the gun with cleaner.
4. Cleaner should remain in the gun for about 5 minutes.
5. Pull the trigger again to refill the gun with cleaner.
6. Unscrew the gun cleaner.
7. Screw the foam can onto the gun.
8. Squeeze the gun trigger again until foam comes out and the wiper is completely removed.
9. The gun is ready for use.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 8 cm

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