Spiked Roller


Spiked Roller


What is the purpose of a spiked roller? Spiked rollers are used to apply self-leveling compounds in thickness. In leveling of floors, the spiked roller serves two main purposes.

1. The main purpose is to eliminate and burst bubbles, pinholes, and other pockets of gas that may be present in the mixture. If the self-leveling compound cures without having removed the trapped air, this can adversely affect the integrity and strength of the leveling layer.

2. The roller helps level and homogenize the self-leveling compound faster. The leveling mixture coating is usually applied with a spreader. It is common to get spatula footprints or areas of uneven leveling during application. Applying the roller helps us reach a smooth evenly distributed finish.

Such rollers also use these in epoxy floors applications, and they ultimately serve a similar purpose.

Alignment rollers come in different widths and different spike lengths. Narrow rollers are useful when working on small areas with many edges. Narrow rollers usually have a handle attached to one side, which allows the spiked roller to fully reach the wall. Most bubbles appear on the edges.

Wide rollers are great if you need to cover a large surface.

Finally, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your rollers after every project. Otherwise, they may not work properly the next time you use them.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 14 × 10 cm

11 x 500mm, 21 x 500mm

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