Split Drive Anchor

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Split Drive Anchors


Split Drive anchors are all-metal concrete anchors. Split drive anchors are made of hardened, heat-treated carbon steel. The anchor has two sheared, pre-expanded halves at the base. When driven into a concrete hole, these halves are compressed. Once the anchor is in place, the two halves will continually try to regain their original shape. This exerts tremendous force on the inner walls of the hole, resulting in a low “slip” rate and increased resistance to vibration. Positive expansion compensates for a poor grade or old concreteSplit Drive Anchor is a flat head anchor for attaching wood sleepers to concrete for the installation of wood flooring. A Flathead anchor is the countersunk anchor which will seat into attaching material. These anchors are used to attach battens or wooden panels such as plywood or OSB to concrete floors.

  • For use in solid concrete only
  • Head Style – flat countersunk for attaching wood to concrete; the head allows the Split Drive Anchor to sit flush with the surface of the wood
  • Only one diameter of 1/4″ is manufactured
  • Simple installation by hammering into a clean drill hole
  • Hole size equals bit size
  • For use in a dry indoor environment (zinc plated)
  • Galvanized steel provides resistance to corrosion in outdoor environments
  • Pre-expanded for easy installation
  • Zinc is packed at 125 pcs per bag and 1000 pcs per box
  • Split Drive anchors galvanized 75mm are packed 100 pcs per box. 100mm is 75 pcs ber box.
  • Minimum spacing requirements


  • Zinc anchors (light duty) are packed 125 pcs per plastic bag and 8 plastic bags per box (1000 pcs)
  • Galvanized 75mm is 100 pcs per box
  • Galvanized 100mm is 75 pcs per box

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55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm


Bag, Box


Galvanized, Zinc

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