Premium Insulation Foam Penosil

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PU Expanding Foam for Insulation Purpose

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Premium Insulation Foam Penosil

One-component, ready-to-use polyurethane gun foam for insulation of buildings, vehicles, vessels, and uneven surfaces. The application of the foam is very convenient and fast with the accompanying special nozzle. Cured foam has very good thermal and sound insulation properties. Adheres well to most materials like wood, concrete, stone, plaster, metal, PVC and polystyrene

Main benefits

• High thermal and acoustic insulation value
• Thickness of insulation layer is freely selectable
• Quick and easy application
• Excellent adhesion to all commonly used building materials

Fields of application

• Thermal and sound insulation
• Reducing the impact of cold bridges
• Prevention of condensation on cold surfaces

Tested according to AS1530.3

Application instruction

Application temperature

Air temperature during use: +10 °C to +30 °C, best results at +20 °C.
Can temperature during application: +18 °C to +28 °C, best results at +20 °C.

Surface preparation

Remove dust, loose particles and grease from the surfaces. Moisten dry substrate to ensure better results. Protect adjacent surfaces with paper, plastic film or other suitable material.

Application method

Put the application nozzle on the tip of the gun. Shake the can vigorously at least 20 times. Hold the foam can in the upright position, turn the gun to the can by holding the gun handle with one hand, and turn the can with the other hand. Make sure that the gun is not pointed at other persons when turning it. The can must not be screwed to the gun with the valve upside down or by turning the gun on the can. Rotate the nozzle as needed (for vertical or horizontal application). Turn the can upside down and start applying. Foam output can be adjusted by the gun trigger. Apply the foam from a distance of approx. 40 cm from the surface. The application distance determines the width of the application area – the shorter the distance, the narrower the application area. The maximum thickness of the foam in one layer should not exceed 2 cm. The next layer of foam can be applied after approx. 30 minutes, if needed. The number of layers is not limited. When applying foam in layers moisten slightly between each layer, but make sure there are no water drops on the surface before applying the foam.


Uncured foam can be removed with acetone, cured foam with mechanical means.

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