Flooring Installation Clamp Belt

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Flooring Installation Clamp belt


Flooring Installation Clamp Belt HT will make your job easier

How Clamp Belt helps

  • Flooring Installation Clamp Belt HT is a perfect helper for laying solid floorboards, engineering flooring, laminate flooring, and other tongues/groove flooring systems.
  • Therefore clamp belt is suitable for any flooring installation project.
  • Clamp Belt presses a new row of flooring thanks to that can to nail it readily.
  • Also, you do not need in addition to helping hands.
  • Has an opening of 4 meters and a clamping width of 12 cm.
  • It provides clamping pressure of 100 kg.
  • The purpose of the Clamp Belt HT is to hold the same asset floorboard in place.
  • Joins together floorboards in a seamless cover moreover creates a professional design.
  • It is a simple tool of professional grade which saves your money and time. However not required nor as expensive maintenance as additional training.
  • Any Plank Width or Thickness.

General suggestions for flooring glue-down application:

1) Install four, five, or six rows of flooring, under manufacturers’ specifications. Connect each row of floor boards together to properly fix the tongue and groove connections as much as possible.
2) Use the clamps every 90 – 120 cm and ratchet tightly until the gaps between floor boards will close.
Note: Do not over-tighten the belt clamps. These clamps are heavy-duty, but overtightening only concludes problems.
3) Place strips of “14 days” blue painters tape across the newly install rows of flooring, spaced 45 – 60 cm or so, and overlapping the previous sections of boards by one or two rows. This will hold the boards tightly together until the flooring adhesive dries.
4) Release the tension and remove the clamps.
5) Repeat cycle.
6) Remove the tape once flooring adhesive has been set – consult manufacturer installation instructions for cure time.
7) Enjoy the new floor.

The flooring installers who test this Belt Clamp, appreciate its advantages and they wish to install the floor in the future with Clamp Belt only.

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Weight 1 kg
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Bulk box (20 pcs), Inner box (10 pcs), Pcs

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