Concrete Nailer ST64


Concrete Nailer ST64 is suitable for top nailing of hardwood floorboards


Concrete Nailer ST64

This Concrete Nailer ST64 (floorboards nailer) is Super Heavy Duty and designed to help you with a wide range of jobs. Nailing and stapling are operations that recur repeatedly in all interior fit-out projects, wood-based manufacturing, and repair jobs. This nailer has air consumption, low noise, nailing fast, strong power features. The main components manufacturing process involves CNC machines, machining centers, high precision, reliable quality, and durability. This industrial-grade concrete air nailer will provide you with years of worry-free use and dependability. They are last longer. Will last longer before any maintenance is required. You are able more nails to apply. Thence more cost-effective concrete nailer is. It provides the ideal conditions for the biggest volume of work.


Air Gun ST64 is suitable for the packaging industry, construction, furniture manufacturing, decoration industry, fastening for wood, wood frame, plywood to concrete nailing, brick and concrete walls, baseboards, and floor. It is also possible to attach 1 mm thick metal shelves to the brick masonry walls (ground) surface. Nailer usable for Construction framing, Nailing wood to concrete (steel nails), Flooring Top Nailing, Truss building, Fencing, Floor boarding, Cabinet building, Paneling, Trimming, Pallet, and packaging, and more applications. Hard carrying case included. Craftor top-nailer is manufactured and tested to a very tight tolerance band for each of these attributes. The combination of these attributes minimizes the potential for nail jams, prevents tool damage, and makes it possible to drive the fasteners into any type of wood.

According to flooring installation standards,  solid floorboards have to be stapled using a Secret Stapler/Nailer Gun. Floorboards from 130mm wide must be top-nailed in addition. There we recommend using ST64 as a floorboard top-nailer for top nailing hardwood floorboards when it is required by flooring installation standards. Craftor Top Nails have a 4.5mm head size. Thence more cost-effective concrete nailer is.

Concrete Nailer ST64 Feature

  • Concrete Nailer ST64;
  • Lightweight die-casting magnesium body prevents;
  • No-mar rubber tip device;
  • Adjustable exhaust;
  • 360′ air deflector;
  • Adjustable knob for sequential or contact shooting;
  • Powerful strength and excellent durability;
  • Soft grip handle reduces fatigue;
  • A touch-strike security system is safe for the operation;
  • BMC package included with standard accessories: hex wrench, oil pot, etc.
  • A perfect tool for a professional user which widely used in concrete, wall, construction.

Compatible Fasteners

Concrete Nailer ST64

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 15 cm
Technical Specification

Weight ………….2.68kg/5.91lbs Nail Capacity ……………80pcs Required pressure …60-100psi Max. pressure …………..120psi LxHxW ……………33x31x11.5cm

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