OSB 3 T/G Flooring Panel


OSB 3 T/G flooring panel 2440x1220x18


OSB panel is a wood product commonly used in construction and furniture making. It is made from compressed wood chips and resins, resulting in a wood product that is extremely strong and durable, resistant to moisture and deformation. OSB can be used as an interior finish for walls, floors, or ceilings, to reinforce the structure of a house, and also to make a variety of furniture.

OSB-oriented strand board with grooves and tongues on two sides. It is several layers of wood chips coated with high-tech resins and reinforced with a hot press.

The surface of these boards is well-suctioned to disperse liquids and prevent them from soaking in. As a result, the panel swells only up to 10% when wet and regains its standard shape when dry, without losing any of its good qualities. Special materials are used in the manufacture of these panels to protect them from any biological damage. Thanks to the high density of the panels, the nails and screws driven into the OSB will hold firmly and will not come loose.

OSB 3 T/G Flooring Panel is a material with good mechanical properties. That makes it particularly suitable for load-bearing structures in construction. It is now more popular than plywood and holds 66% of the building panel market. Its main purpose is to cover walls, floors and roofs. For exterior walls, you can choose panels with a laminated radiation barrier on one side. This simplifies installation and increases the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

Stabilizes and strengthens

OSB 3, T/ G stands out for its wide range of applications with its reinforcing properties and high bending strength. Despite its relatively lightweight, it achieves a flexural strength similar to that of plywood. OSB T/G Flooring Panel is CE-certified in accordance with DIN EN 13986. The OSB board is produced in accordance with EN 300 and is fitted with four-sided tongue-and-groove joints, excellent for seamless installation. Furthermore, the OSB board is bonded without formaldehyde.
Because of its good technical properties and seamless surface, OSB T/G perfect for the renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings and the construction of new, environmentally friendly houses. The precisely matched tongue-and-groove system allows quick and easy installation directly on screeds and beams or over the insulation to reduce transmitted impact noise.

Why do contractors like to use OSB for sub-flooring?

Some builders say they prefer OSB to plywood for floors because the surface (when new) is always clean, even, and free of knots. Simply put, many contractors find OSB to be a more stable product than plywood or other types of subfloor materials: all sheets are the same. Another reason builders use OSB is for money. OSB is usually cheaper than plywood, so builders and contractors can squeeze a little more profit out of the project. When OSB goes beyond flooring to wall and roof cladding, profitability will increase.

Ecologically clean

OSB 3 has been used with outstanding results in countless flat roof constructions. Unlike other structural wood materials used for flat roofs, OSB 3 does not require chemical treatment.


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Weight 36.50 kg
Dimensions 244 × 122 × 0.18 cm

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